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Posted by zeakster on October 31, 2007

i always dread the call i get a day befor the appointment im never sure what day because i loose the card it is written on the day it is handed to me. i always know the month, that i remember, so everyday of that month it is in the back of my mind is this torture? surly not right? the day i get the call, always between 8-9 am i know instantly who it is and i debate whether i should pick it up, is this torture? no one calls me at that time of the morning mental torture for sure. then i have a full day to think about the next morning surly this has to be considered torture well at least by the u.n. The next morning i wake dreading the next 3 hours mental anguish but not torture right? then i arrive and have to wait the 15 minutes it always seems to take to have your name called surly this is torture defined by the aclu. then i enter the room, looks like a torture room. i sit in “THE CHAIR” and the instruments are taken out, ohhh my gosh this has to be torture. outside i am all smiles but on the inside im screaming to get why oh why do i have to do this i wonder. then the poking the proding the scraping all the time wondering will i feel the pain. my hand tightens on the arm rests. this has got to be torture sitting there wondering if the sharp pain will come or not it has to be…. by anyones definition. then he/she shows up and you know you just know hes gonna poke that sore spot because that is what hes trained to do he is the person that causes you pain he is the master torturer. then its over its truly over and your smiles real smiles. and then she asks “what day is good for you?” and the torture starts all over again.

under the u.n. definition this is torture under the ridiculous laws passed by our legislative branch and signed by our president this is torture. if this happened to a detainee in gitmo jhon mccain and graham would take up the call on the floor liberals across the nation would be up in arms.

its a dentists visit something i have dreaded since the first time i went as a child it meets all of the cloudy definitions yet most of us choose to do this every 6 months.

torture i suppose is in the eye of the beholder personaly im for anything that will stop my babies from being hurt or killed by some nut job. its funny how people think the right of nut jobs are more important then my children my innocent children.


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