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Posted by zeakster on November 1, 2007

are the politicians missing the big picture here? why are the taxes so high? why do they keep going up? could it be irresponsible spending? how about this for a solution……..STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY LIKE A DRUNKEN SAILOR AT THE PUSSYCAT CLUB!

i dont want solutions that cut my property tax and raises all other taxes. i dont want them capped never to be risen again i want you people to stop spending our hard earned money on crap we cant use. i want you to take a serious look at the way money is given to schools. i want you to look at where this money is going. not just property taxes all taxes. the solution isnt to cap one tax so that others have to be risen. stop spending the money.

our mayoral candidate the great tom henry wants to use the states rainy day fund to give tax releif. what the hell kind of sense does that make? what happens when that fund is dried up. ill tell you we…we no longer hae that fund and the property taxes will shoot right back up. is this an answer? do you really think this is an answer henry? this guy wants to be mayor and thats his solution. is he that blind or just that stupid? common sense still goes along way even here in indiana.



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