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Posted by zeakster on November 2, 2007

how long will it take for the american public to turn on their environmentilist masters? what? you say no one is my master. unfortunatly thats not true. environmentalist radicals run this country with the help of their allies the liberals. they have convinced us that nature takes precident over freedom animals are more important than our children. no you say that cant be true. but wait while perverted child molesters are getting probation an over rated qb in atlanta is looking at hard time for fighting dogs. at first i thought this was racially motivated (something i rarely agree on) but then it came to me hes not being judged differently because hes black hes being judged different because he hurt an animal and not a child.  you see every ill in the world is related to man so naturaly a dog is worth more then a child because the child will become an adult a dog will just be a dog. thank you peta. oil ohh my gosh oil is at almost 100 a barrel does it have to be? well in order to keep the environment safe it does. you see activists dont care if other countries drill for it its their right however try drilling here in the us and see what happens. you cant drill there youll kill the caribou. no no you cant drill there what if it spills you will kill the manatee. 2 of the biggest oil reserves are un drillable in the u.s. because of reindeer and a sea cow. this insanity has now even gone on in the green energy field. people actually oppose windmills because they will kill the birds. lets face it there is a nut group out there that will oppose you mowing your grass ( you may kill too many insects) as long as we the public put up with this we have no one to blame but ourselves. when we place animals ahead of children we deserve what we get. we deserve 100 dollar a barrel oil we deserve rolling blackouts after all we are the reason for all of the earths ills


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