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Posted by zeakster on November 5, 2007

Pakistan turns to marshal law. was this really a surprise to anyone? here is a leader of an islamic country a Friend of the u.s. an enemy to extremists (well almost). is it a surprise that he has turned to martial law? a returning political rival is almost blown up a mosque turns into bunker and al-queda gives orders to have him killed. in this country if these things were to happen in such a short period of time i think we would strain mightily to keep our freedoms. musharif is an island and all these things and a very transparent non committal attitude by our government has caused him to shut the ports. instead of miss rice giving statements that oppose this action perhaps we should be giving more support. this is a man on the brink in a country that has the bomb. if he goes down what is he replaced with? peace loving moderates? i think we have seen what these moderates are capeable of in these extreme countries, they have little to no power and no stomach to stand up to the extremists. on the other hand the extremists are looking for any opportunity and they are willing to kill hundreds nay thousands tens of thousands to get what they want. they want the bomb and this country has it. if musharif falls who is more likely to take over those keys the majority moderates or the minority extremists. look in your heart and you will know the answer.

president bush now is not the time to alienate musharif now is the time he needs us the most.


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