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Posted by zeakster on November 6, 2007

election night is upon us and who knows the outcome. i ask this…does it matter? both candidates in the closing days said nothing but good things about their oponent. i often heard one say about the other “they would make a great mayor”. is this what the politics in this county has come down to? i blame shine he hasnt won a campaign in 2 elections and it isnt looking good in this one. he consistantly chastised kelty this election cycle (although my liberal friends would say this is untrue) not helping but hindering his campaign. shines party is the party that brought charges against kelty pretty much killing his campign from the get go. has shine gone so far into the middle that he is now left of center? just reading his comments on the republicans web site i would say yes. he actually sent a letter to kelty complaining about a christian groups commercials. who gave him that authority? perhaps he should have been coming up with his own commercials with henrys short commings but no he would have looked mean. has this party lost its fight? you have no further to look than steve shine.

kelty also has some blame i heard nothing dispariging about henry come from his lips it was all handshakes and smiles. when will they learn that you have to paint your oponent red? when they are both green noone cares either way. i believe kely if he doesnt win owes us an apology because we are the ones that are going to have to watch taxes go up and the city go deeper into debt. well see select neighboorhoods get improved beyond what they need and other neighboorhoods detriorate even more. well see shiny new brick cross walks while roads and bridges go unrepaired. this is what kelty will give us with a loss. my fingers are crossed and i will have some severe cramps in a few hours but its all i have left.


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