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Posted by zeakster on November 8, 2007

for all you libs out there we dont want illegals to get licenses because they are illegal. we missed your little plan replacing judges with activists (to everyones detrement) we will not miss you trying to give illegals more and more rights untill they are legal. we have drawn a line in the sand they use our health care they use our welfare we will not give them antything else they are not citizens get it through your heads they do not deserve my tax money. whencaught they should be deported on the spot no ifs ands or butts. they are here illegaly they have broken our laws and they use those same laws against us the real citizens. when were we replaced? i missed the mailer that said im no longer a citizen has anyone else gotten it? my opinion counts not theirs. listen to me not them. here in indiana you have to show an id to vote if you give these illegals licenses they get to vote has anyone thought this through?

am i a racist i guess i am im against foreign nationals from using my tax money and using my leagl system against me.


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