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Posted by zeakster on November 17, 2007

im a 30 something almost a 40 something registered republican (why i did that in this county is something i regret). with recent political winds i have become more of a hard line conservative rather than a republican both locally and nationaly. i was born right here in the fort but spent my entire childhood well since the age of 5 in michigan benton harbor to be exact. a miracle i survived the public schools there. after high school i attended a local college (didnt really want to go so i didnt apply anywhere) deciding school was better than wendys i attended western michigan this is where i graduated from in the 90s sometime. after graduating i attended infantry school at fort benning georgia (this is the diploma i am most proud of) after serving with a leg infantry division i moved back here to be close to my grandmother. ive worked at several warehouses and factories. after having my fill of those i am doing something different now.

if you want my conservative or republican credentials too bad i do have them but not in this state. i have long supported the party but upon arrival here and a very bad first impression with the people downtown i have pretty much given up on the republicans locally. besides as i stated above i now think of myself as a conservative not a republican hopefully someone will come along to change my mind but im not holding my breath.


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