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Posted by zeakster on November 17, 2007

i often here liberals say we are raising your taxes to help your children and grandchildren they musty have these programs or your offspring will suffer. heres an idea stop taxing me and i will pass my savings onto my children and grand children. wait youll have to take away the death tax perminantly for me to do that.

any while your not taxing me so i can save my children how about stopping all the dangerous policies in the school systems and while your at it please let religion once again flourish instead of forcing it to hide from the like of the alcu and the aethists. stop condomm and birth control distribution in our gradeschools. stop trying to ram your ideas into my childs head. i love the fact that we have to have seperation of church and state in our schools but only giveing the liberal democratic ideas while teaching our youth is acceptable.


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