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Posted by zeakster on November 18, 2007

to torture or not to torture? is this really a question?

one of the main components of the non torture crowd (both republican and democrat) is that its against the Geneva convention. indeed it is but guess what in every major engagement our military has undertaken since before the convention on torture was signed 1949-1950 we are the only ones to follow it. after the 2nd world war where no sides really practiced “civilized” warfare allies or axis someone got a bug up their butt to ban torture. good idea? sure on paper its a great idea unfortunately not every country has signed it and the ones that have generally disregard it. my father in law can tell you stories of how he was treated as a prisoner in Vietnam it will make your skin crawl. in just about every conflict i can think of since 1949 the opposing side has broken the treaty (admittedly so have we). so why does the government feel they have to restrict our hands even further by making it law here? you would think we would take it the other way. since our boys in uniform cant do it lets let our civilian branches do it. does this sound sick to you? does it really? how many beheadings have you watched during the latest conflict? how many car bombs how many suicide bombers killing innocent civilians (by the way also banned under Geneva). who watched these barbaric simpletons drag our dead troops around by a rope in Somalia ( the reason i joined after college)? the examples can go on and on and on and on. why do we hamstring ourselves with these stupid treaty’s and now laws that serve no one but the enemy? most supporters will tell you 2 things it keeps our troops safe and that it bolsters our image around the world. really? are they serious? have they not watched this conflict alone? i will guarantee you most of our fighting troops have deals with their buddies to shoot each other before they get captured rather die quickly than to get your head sawed off. and do you really think our standing in the world would be any different if we didnt sign these treaties? are you insane have you been south of the border or anywhere else in the world? look there are people out there that hate us hate us to the bone for no other reason than jealousy. signing treaties about torture affects this not one whit.

so this all being said ( i could probably write a book on the hypocrisy our politicians tie our hands with) i have one thing these numbskulls need to hear.

i love my 2 daughters and wife i love them so much i would take their place in death without thinking. my only mission left in life is to make them safe. and you idiots say you wont waterboard terrorists? forget the waterboarding i want you breaking bones burning flesh drugging raping cutting slicing mashing and killing these people if that is what it takes to stop them from blowing my family up or cutting their heads off on tv. not very christian of me? guess what ill deal with the lord when i die and if he doesnt understand this than i would gladly go to hell to save my family. listen up you pin heads in washington your job is to protect us and if you cant do that no matter how ugly it gets than you need to be gone.



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