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Posted by zeakster on November 23, 2007

according to hillary clinton we are in a depression not seen since the great depression in the 20’s and 30’s. well driving north of town today i have to wonder if she ever gets out of downtown d.c. ill agree downtown d.c. always looks like its in a depression. but try to find a parking spot at glenbrook mall or target or walmart today ill guarantee you her limo wont fit in any of those places and i imagine the same can be said for jefferson point. so what is she talking about? perhaps her and her rich elected officials are feeling the pinch perhaps they arent giving away as many hummers this year (im sure bill is getting his fair share though). are these people so disconnected from the rest of us that they think talking this way ins votes? i have no doubt followers of the drive by media think we are in a great depression but i bet all of those people are out today looking for bargains and spending their money. these are the people that think their ok but their neighbors their poor neighbors are going bankrupt because there all unemployed. the fact is their neighbors are thinking he same thing. its amazing what the drive by propaganda machine can convince the sheep of this nation of. happily in a few years this will be no more the papers are dying out and when was the last time you watched network news? ( 10 years for me) the people are being liberated slowly but surly. when this happens watch out libs this class warfare will come to an end and so will you


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