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Posted by zeakster on November 25, 2007

i think perhaps this individual needs to a. read history a little more closely and b. to worry about his own dwindling flock.

someone from a dying church should focus on his own congregation and perhaps leave international politics to someone a bit more qualified. we as americans are often criticised for our arrogance by europeans. if taking care of our own is arrogant then so be it. we rarely if ever interfere in the european theatre …ohh wait…. we pulled their arses out of two count them two world wars that they inflicted upon the world. and now we have to fix this spreading religious hatred fostered in their countries. perhaps if they had fixed the islamic zealot problem 20 years ago in their own communities this war would not have had to been fought. but they let it fester and it continues to fester in their class strucrture societies.

this archbishop of a dying church needs to take stock of his role in what is happening he needs to look into his soul (if he has one) and thank us once again for taking a stand on something that erupted from the european states. he needs to get down and kiss the feat of our president who ever it is at the time and thank him/her for letting his little misguided godless church to exisist.

the nerve this guy has is astounding


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