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Posted by zeakster on December 1, 2007

it came to my attention this week that tony blair had to hide his religion in order to stay in office. does this not sum up europe in a nut shell? most of their problems stem from the fact that they are “progressive” to the hilt. they blame religion on everything and have become so secular that people with faith (islamic immigrants) are taking over their countries. slowly but surely sharia law is replacing government laws. there are places in europe where sharia law takes precedence over local law. i cant blame the islamics for doing this they have immigrated to a society where there is no right and wrong and there is no faith. non islamics feel there is no god and that they make the rules and once that happens people loose their moral compass they drift. hanass things become acceptable it is a slippery slope into oblivion more and more bad behavior becomes acceptable they become lost to their own desires.

when people have to hide their religion the society suffers its only a matter of time befor europe is lost completely

i wonder if they see it coming? 


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