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Posted by zeakster on December 2, 2007

THE JOURNAL GAZETTE IS RUNNING SCARRED once again we have editorials and letters praising the smoking ban with no counter points. I dont smoke i dont particularly like people smoking around me but where does the assinine law making stop? i dont like drunk people at bars….should we become a dry county? i dont like elderly drivers driving in front of me …..should we ban elderly drivers? i dont like war protestors on the city building lawn…..should we ban those? i hate amish buggys on the road…..should we ban those?

once you start a slippery slope theres no stopping the slide i wish i wish i wish that someone who smokes would finnaly take these yahoos to court. i wish someone would sue these council members civily for lost income and even sue the papers for promoting it. this is an illadvised agenda that im afraid to say was started by someone calling themselves republican. we voted these people out but the libs cant take it so there going to pound our new elected officials untill they break. guess what if they do your time is limited as well.

we do not live in a police state and you cannot and will not enact laws to restrict my freedom.


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