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Posted by zeakster on December 5, 2007

i am interesting person on the point of racism yes im a white male yes im middle class and while i thought we were poor when i was younger looking back we didnt want for anything. so all you blacks out there are now thinking typical white person he doesnt know anything.


i grew up in a poor black town and went to schools where whites were the minority. ive seen what the majority can and does do. i was scared because i was white picked on and passed over because i was white. i was given sports slots not because i earned them but because they needed a white person to make the team “balanced” ( i always turned them down even then i knew that was wrong). white people in my schools stuck together not because we liked each other but for the protection. im uniquely qualified to talk about racisim. my whole high school experience was based on not getting my butt kicked during the day and had nothing to do with grades.

since grade school whites received threats both verbal and written from our black counter parts often containing racist remarks and yet not once not once did the naacp or any other anti racist organisation came to our aid not once not once did we see a states attorney or federal attorney come to our aid. the teachers blew us off our parents blew us off not once did we get help. 

good old jessie came and dedicated the pool but didnt say a thing about racism

i guess racism is only bad if it happens at an all white school. i have no doubt something happened at heratige what happened we will never know no matter how many people get involved i imagine its closer to the administrations claim than the students but i could be wrong. it will be interesting to see if this spreads to the other high schools soutside north side etc… and it will be interesting to see if they ask all students if they have been affected white black hispanic asian. my guess is no only black students will be asked and only white students will be blamed.

racism not funny but its also not one sided


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