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Posted by zeakster on December 10, 2007

super busy best year ive had so far, im feeling a bit under the weather another gift from my children.

so here goes short and sweet

just read a story about the kids that threw a Halloween party dressed as vt victims a little twisted? yes politically correct? no a little funny? well it tickled my dark side a bit. you have to admit it was a n unusual idea.

any way these kids are now receiving death threats by people who are “upset” about it. if this is not irony i dont know what is. it seems whenever anyone does something a little controversial there is always someone willing to call in death threats do these people sit by the tv or computer and just wait to see where they can call in the the threats next?

so the question is who is sicker the kids that threw the party or the mentally disturbed individuals threatening to kill them?

enough thinking im tired and sick off to bed


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