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Posted by zeakster on December 16, 2007

we all know this woman is not long for this world and many of us, i would guess, wonder why she is filled with so much hate. faith is such an important thing in life and many people shun it. some people who have shunned religion but still need that empty place filled have gone to false religions ie.. the global warmests. some people like mrs. edwards fill it with blinding ignorant hate.

im not a church goer my church turned a corner they can not escape from a while back and quite frankly im too old to start attending another. i am however filled with faith and the lessons learned before the turn have stuck with me through life. i believe in god i believe in right and wrong and i try to live my life the way i think god intends. i pray and i believe even if i dont attend faith is to important to me.

on this sunday i believe we should all put mrs. edwards in our thoughts and prayers she is a stray sheep from our flock. she may have given up on faith but the faithful should never give up on strays.


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