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Posted by zeakster on January 29, 2008


yes yes i admit it i occasionally game. im a little old for it yes but its in my blood and i can always tell people the ps3 is my daughters not mine.

anyway i watch xplay mainly because it came on after the defunct show screen savers on the now defunct techtv. yes i loved that show especially the opening of the 2 running to their car (ask my wife she found me hilarious). sometimes i would over stay and watch xplay or as it was called extended play.

doesn’t this just bore the hell outta you? its a gamer thing

anywho i was watching today and apparently there was some huge uproar that passed me by. some yahoo expert was asked about sex scenes on a new game and she went off the handle calling them pornographic. i do not know the game and i did not see the spot. it turns out she had not seen the game or played it and guess what the scenes are tame. unfortunately it happened on fox news and well thats all it takes for libs to smell blood in the water.

so today im watching and that non serious bad haircut flammer adam decides to take pot shots not at the woman who said what she said but he took them at fox news. this is a man who i seriously doubt has ever watched more than 15 minutes of cnn in his life.

this is what i have to say

“adam take your liberal receding bad haircut head out of your even more liberal bombshell wannabe partners butt. stick to gaming thats what your paid for. leave the serious issues to serious people.”

i hate when people who are supposed to be entertaining me try to get serious stick to the program you shmucks talk about games thats about all your good at


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Posted by zeakster on January 26, 2008

LIKE  most of you i still havent made up my mind. early on it was Giuliani and if he pulls off some wins soon it still may be. This doesnt look likely so ive had to brus up on some other candidates. hukabee doubtful no good thing has ever come out of arkansas especially political figures. hes way to liberal and plays the “im a poor old boy from arkansas” thing too much. add to this is the fact that my parents like the man thats ahuge warning signal if you knew my parents.

mccain…….NEVER i would never vote for this man if he wins the nod chances are i will go third party as i did with bushs first term election. mccain has burned to many bridges in my opinion. plus the new york times recommends him (this floors me…like republicans are looking to the times for advice)

this leaves romney who at the beginning i did not like i tend to dislike north east politicians no make that distrust north east politicians. however he did grow up in my adopted home state and like me he got out while the getting was good (you people in michigan know what im talking about). i dont mind the flip flops from any candidate if they are heart felt and i believe his are. i was a pro choice person before having my children now i find the idea of sucking a babys brain out repugnant. i believe out of all the candidates he has the economic know how and i believe he leans in the direction i m in for foreign affairs. some things still bother me about the man but there are alot less than the other candidates.

im still up in the air but you know how im leaning

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Posted by zeakster on January 23, 2008

colo.jpgECONOMY STIMULUS  or as they like to call it a tax rebate. Its funny democrats want to roll back all the tax cuts of george w bush  because we cant afford them but they are 1st in line to take credit for a tax rebate to stimulate the economy.

DID i miss something? they want to take the money they claim they dont have and give us all tax rebates? is this washington at its best or what? all these people on both sides of the aisle saying we cant continue running a deficit are giving money back?

YES the sheep will be happy untill they spend that 800 on a new playstation……then what? will we expect another rebate? has anyone in washington thought this out? are they all so stupid that they cant see this for what it is? what will they give us next? gladiatorial games? wait wait isnt nbc bringing back gladiator? i see it now nbc is in cahoots with the washington elite they are tyring to placate us with gladiatorial games and free cash. i suppose bush or the next pres will burn down that washington eye sore and build a new “white house”.

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Posted by zeakster on January 22, 2008

Let me tell all you libs out there. im a reagan republican!

let me tell all you republicans out there. im a reagan republican!

None of you should be invoking his name none of you! he has the one thing all of you lack CONVICTION!

i dont believe any of you since the departure of tancredo has any conviction on any policy on any belief on ANYTHING! ill be voting for the person i think will harm the country the least and ill tell you what that is very very sad. i dont believe any of you no one, doesnt matter which party you are all creatures of political correctness and believers of big government. your looking for the next wind to change and quite frankly its disappointing and sickening.

this political cycle is scary when ohh when will we have politicians that know what they stand for?

we crave it we seek it and damn it before your 4 years are up we will find it and you will be out on your ass!

in the mean time quit chanting the name you dont understand i knew reagan i met regan and damn it none of you hold a candle to the man

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Posted by zeakster on January 21, 2008

IVE taken some time off. with the loss of my beloved grandfather and other obligations i havent had the time to post. things are starting to clear up so hopefully i can vent some more frustrations on local national and global issues this week.

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Posted by zeakster on January 11, 2008

THIS  man is totaly incompetent. once again the dems have started a rumor and accused republicans of breaking the law. the statute is obviously in the republicans favor but the strongest thing shine comes out with is …. we think the dems are trying to tarnish the republican majority. get off your ass shine and start filing suits against these people for slander your the leader act like one get some cahunas and start fighting back its pathetic what your doing and its destroying the party.

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Posted by zeakster on January 11, 2008

US’s triple-A credit rating ‘under threat’

By Francesco Guerrera, Aline van Duyn and Daniel Pimlott,in New York

Published: January 11 2008 02:00 | Last updated: January 11 2008 02:00

The US is at risk of losing its top-notch triple-A credit rating within a decade unless it takes radical action to curb soaring healthcare and social security spending, Moody’s, the credit rating agency, said yesterday.

The warning over the future of the triple-A rating – granted to US government debt since it was first assessed in 1917 – reflects growing concerns over the country’s ability to retain its financial and economic supremacy.

function floatContent(){}


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Posted by zeakster on January 11, 2008

Thank you very much for contacting me. Your views are very important to me and I can assure you that I read each of my emails.

I will soon be starting an electronic newsletter to help cut the cost associated with the printing and postage of traditional mailing. If you wish to join this list and receive periodic e-mail updates, please e-mail  This is a way we can work together to help cut the cost of government, not an excuse to send lots of mass e-mail. Please include your name, home address and e-mail address.

David Long
State Senator


didnt really say anything about cutting instead of taxing and his response about sending email instead doesnt make much sense


how can i help to cut the cost of government? ill give advice and he’ll ignore it? i think everyone should contact the good senator and let him know that taxing isnt the solution cutting is

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Posted by zeakster on January 10, 2008

i recently received a mailing from out state senator with an urgent plea to fill out the affixed survey on property tax. then to mail it back.

i wont go into the whole survey it will probably piss you off as much as it did me. he rattles off a bunch of what im sure he thinks are great solutions to the problem. all of them entail raising one tax or another.

i like to quote achems razor on these things (sometimes the best solution is the simplest)

try cutting spending you idiot. why do you want to raise my taxes? dont you get enough of my money? try not spending it! cut some programs or hey cut some of your salary. why is raising taxes the only solution these numbskull’s can come up with? if i need more money do i get to tell my boss “give me a raise?” hell no i have to cut things out i have to tighten my belt.

why is it these politicians (and there is blame enough for both sides) always want to raise my taxes? cut you ignorant fools cut

and to top it off this idiot wants me to pay the postage back

i payed for this idiot to send me a survey that i have to pay to send back how much money could we have saved by not sending this damn thing out

do they think were stupid???????

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Posted by zeakster on January 9, 2008


“But we need to know it through careful, empirically based analysis. There will be a lot of claims about what happened – about respondents who reputedly lied, about alleged difficulties polling in biracial contests. That may be so. It also may be a smokescreen – a convenient foil for pollsters who’d rather fault their respondents than own up to other possibilities – such as their own failings in sampling and likely voter modeling.”

an excerpt from the article below

when is the media finally going to wake up? when are they finally going to realise you cant make the news? you cant determine an outcome by polling 272 likely voters.

if congress really wants to do something they should ban the use of polling data before an election. come on mccain you already screwed up the process once with your liberal buddy why dont you tackle this as well.

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