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Posted by zeakster on January 10, 2008

i recently received a mailing from out state senator with an urgent plea to fill out the affixed survey on property tax. then to mail it back.

i wont go into the whole survey it will probably piss you off as much as it did me. he rattles off a bunch of what im sure he thinks are great solutions to the problem. all of them entail raising one tax or another.

i like to quote achems razor on these things (sometimes the best solution is the simplest)

try cutting spending you idiot. why do you want to raise my taxes? dont you get enough of my money? try not spending it! cut some programs or hey cut some of your salary. why is raising taxes the only solution these numbskull’s can come up with? if i need more money do i get to tell my boss “give me a raise?” hell no i have to cut things out i have to tighten my belt.

why is it these politicians (and there is blame enough for both sides) always want to raise my taxes? cut you ignorant fools cut

and to top it off this idiot wants me to pay the postage back

i payed for this idiot to send me a survey that i have to pay to send back how much money could we have saved by not sending this damn thing out

do they think were stupid???????


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