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Posted by zeakster on January 23, 2008

colo.jpgECONOMY STIMULUS  or as they like to call it a tax rebate. Its funny democrats want to roll back all the tax cuts of george w bush  because we cant afford them but they are 1st in line to take credit for a tax rebate to stimulate the economy.

DID i miss something? they want to take the money they claim they dont have and give us all tax rebates? is this washington at its best or what? all these people on both sides of the aisle saying we cant continue running a deficit are giving money back?

YES the sheep will be happy untill they spend that 800 on a new playstation……then what? will we expect another rebate? has anyone in washington thought this out? are they all so stupid that they cant see this for what it is? what will they give us next? gladiatorial games? wait wait isnt nbc bringing back gladiator? i see it now nbc is in cahoots with the washington elite they are tyring to placate us with gladiatorial games and free cash. i suppose bush or the next pres will burn down that washington eye sore and build a new “white house”.


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