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Posted by zeakster on January 26, 2008

LIKE  most of you i still havent made up my mind. early on it was Giuliani and if he pulls off some wins soon it still may be. This doesnt look likely so ive had to brus up on some other candidates. hukabee doubtful no good thing has ever come out of arkansas especially political figures. hes way to liberal and plays the “im a poor old boy from arkansas” thing too much. add to this is the fact that my parents like the man thats ahuge warning signal if you knew my parents.

mccain…….NEVER i would never vote for this man if he wins the nod chances are i will go third party as i did with bushs first term election. mccain has burned to many bridges in my opinion. plus the new york times recommends him (this floors me…like republicans are looking to the times for advice)

this leaves romney who at the beginning i did not like i tend to dislike north east politicians no make that distrust north east politicians. however he did grow up in my adopted home state and like me he got out while the getting was good (you people in michigan know what im talking about). i dont mind the flip flops from any candidate if they are heart felt and i believe his are. i was a pro choice person before having my children now i find the idea of sucking a babys brain out repugnant. i believe out of all the candidates he has the economic know how and i believe he leans in the direction i m in for foreign affairs. some things still bother me about the man but there are alot less than the other candidates.

im still up in the air but you know how im leaning


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