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Posted by zeakster on January 29, 2008


yes yes i admit it i occasionally game. im a little old for it yes but its in my blood and i can always tell people the ps3 is my daughters not mine.

anyway i watch xplay mainly because it came on after the defunct show screen savers on the now defunct techtv. yes i loved that show especially the opening of the 2 running to their car (ask my wife she found me hilarious). sometimes i would over stay and watch xplay or as it was called extended play.

doesn’t this just bore the hell outta you? its a gamer thing

anywho i was watching today and apparently there was some huge uproar that passed me by. some yahoo expert was asked about sex scenes on a new game and she went off the handle calling them pornographic. i do not know the game and i did not see the spot. it turns out she had not seen the game or played it and guess what the scenes are tame. unfortunately it happened on fox news and well thats all it takes for libs to smell blood in the water.

so today im watching and that non serious bad haircut flammer adam decides to take pot shots not at the woman who said what she said but he took them at fox news. this is a man who i seriously doubt has ever watched more than 15 minutes of cnn in his life.

this is what i have to say

“adam take your liberal receding bad haircut head out of your even more liberal bombshell wannabe partners butt. stick to gaming thats what your paid for. leave the serious issues to serious people.”

i hate when people who are supposed to be entertaining me try to get serious stick to the program you shmucks talk about games thats about all your good at


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