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Posted by zeakster on February 29, 2008

Week 8 Listings Update Shows Acceleration

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According to JPMorgan analyst Imran Khan, week 8 listings data and YTD listings data to 25 February 2008 continue to exceed estimates. “On a reported basis, we have tracked 402.5M listings on eBay’s sites, up 11.0% Y/Y, ahead of our estimate of 5% growth for the quarter. Excluding China, listings are tracking up 11.9% Y/Y.”

Well past the halfway mark for Q108, I think it is safe to say we will see a third consecutive quarter of accelerating listings growth. While 11% Y/Y growth is still far from the 35% Y/Y peak eBay reached in Q206 (prior to a prolonged growth deceleration), it is nevertheless an early indication that changes made to the buyer and seller experience are starting to show results.

Update: At the request of our “resident eBay critic” (in the most positive sense of the title), I include the same chart but only including U.S. listings (which currently account for about 44% of the global eBay total). The result is the same, albeit with lower growth rates. I have kept the scale the same for easier comparison.


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House Oversight Committee VS Roger Clemens

Posted by zeakster on February 28, 2008


what in the world is going on? is congress full of idiots?

congressman waxman has initiated an fbi investigation into whether roger clemens lied to them about taking steroids. am i nuts or is this why poll after poll finds congress distaste-full. why in the world is this little ugly man (good thing he got into politics or he would be in a side show somewhere) waisting my and your money on something we have no interest in? why is he waisting the time of fbi investigators who should be hunting down terrorists and white collar criminals. does anyone seriously care about roger clemens? i consider myself a baseball fan i watch 100 games a year and actually attend some. and you know what? i have absolutely no interest in this i dont care and i definitely think some members of congress have lost their minds.

you know what let baseball figure it out and dish out justice quite waisting my money on something that has no baring whatsoever on government or the running of government.

mr waxman you want people to stop lying to you? stop calling people up to your committee because you think it will win you some votes. who the hell does his lying hurt? how does it affect government? why are you calling baseball players to the capital? try calling some terrorists up to the committee or hey how about some of your fellow congressman and have them explain why they are waisting our money.


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William F. Buckley Jr. Dies at 82

Posted by zeakster on February 27, 2008

for a time i inspired to be like him i added to my vocabulary daily

in the end i did not find it as self gratifying as he did when you talk in such away as he did people just dont get it and while i found him amusing people just looked at me well strangely even people on my side.

he was a great man with great ideas and if you have never seen any of his debates or speeches try to get ahold of them he was a brilliant and funny man. somtimes it takes a while to see but in the end you will chuckle to yourself for hours.

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Posted by zeakster on February 26, 2008


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Posted by zeakster on February 26, 2008

Two boys drowned in the St. Marys River after disappearing near the 400 block of Fairwick Lane on Sunday night.

The boys, ages 4 and 9, were reported missing about 6:54 p.m. and found in the river by firefighters later that night. At 1:30 a.m. today, the two were pronounced dead at Parkview Hospital, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. According to Fort Wayne Police Department reports, the 4-year-old boy’s name is Kendall Lumpkin and the 9-year-old’s is Cody Mann.

Cody was found not breathing in the river shortly after police arrived. Kendall was found later after a search of the river by other agencies.

Autopsies performed today on the boys confirmed their cause of death to be asphyxia due to drowning.

news journal gazette

Perhaps our over protective city council should ban houses along the water ways here in fort wayne. Or perhaps make 100 yards on either side of the rivers a kids free zone. More people die in the water ways around this town then ever have or will die from second hand smoke. where ohh where is crawford to stop the insanity that is the fort wayne water way system.

my condolences to the family’s involved i cant imagine what its like to loose a child and i hope i never find out.

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Posted by zeakster on February 24, 2008

HERE i am sitting down to read the only paper we get the sunday journal. i almost always pass over the perspective page because lets face it if i want to read that kind of left wing nuttery ill go to the daily koss (its better written at the koss).

front page “gop control” well of course that peaks my interest so i take a peak and dont you know it our lefty friend warner tries to explain whats going on. this guy is truly a nut job read any of his articles trying to explain anything conservatives hold dear and you will get my point. i cant get into 2 paragraphs before he makes me want to throw up all over the paper strewn about ( a very dangerous position for me because if i ruin the coupons {the only reason we get the paper at all} im in hot water).

its amazing what the liberal media thinks they know about us conservatives. the pontificate about how we are more successful in the middle and how the right wing is going to tear us apart. what he and the rest dont understand is that we are the party the conservatives not the blue bloods he loves to write about. we are conservatives first and republicans second we hold out values above the party not the other way around. i wish i could read the rest of the article but lets face it my wife loves those coupons.

if warner thinks we will loose the fight to make this party more conservative he should take a closer look. they (the established blue-bloods downtown) can barely make rent week to week they cant keep their own people in line and are clueless on how to win elections. while its true they have a majority on city council looks whos there this year compared to last. the people will not stand for wishy washy conservatives who strive to please the democrats. we will not give money nor support candidates mr. shine seems to love. we dont want tax increases we dont want holes in the ground. we dont pretty little street signs. we want responsible government that knows what its doing and we definitely dont need some democrat telling us how to win elections.

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Posted by zeakster on February 24, 2008

WELL the boycott is just about over and i saw no real affect to ebay listings. just as i thought it was ineffective and cost no one any harm except the people who participated.

the major flaw and deathnell of the often tried ebay boycott? no organisation and no leadership. did anyone ask themselves even ifi t did have an affect on ebay what then? who would ebay have talked to too hear the grievance’s? was anyone in charge?

the ebay boycott by rag tag sellers has been tried before and im sure it will be tried again. i have sympathy for these sellers ebay is a monolithic company that skirts the sherman anti trust act by inches. the new management team seems to be taking Marxist views and that leaves sellers out in the cold.

but in the long run this will hurt ebay not these sellers. why? because these sellers will find other venues and when customers can no longer find the great bargains they have come accustomed too (their own fault) they will leave as well. leaving ebay with huge dvd drop-shippers as there only sellers.

i will give this rope to sellers who want to stay i have given it before but no one wants to listen boycotts seem so much more attractive. ebay live is coming up in june in a democrat city with lots of media that gets picked up nationally. bring just 100 of all those boycotters to the event make signs and be loud outside mccormick place. this is almost guaranteed to bring you media coverage and may raise some eyebrows nationally. contact some left leaning politicians there always looking for a cause that will bring you even more coverage. have a call in campaign on talk radio. in other words use the lefts tactics the media loves them and come june just before the conventions they will be starved for news. its that simple but i doubt it will be done.

go on with your boycotts no one listens they never have and never will

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Posted by zeakster on February 23, 2008


SOMETIMES i think politicians do not take us seriously. politicians must think were stupid. now its an election year so i understand they want to treat us to shows of their power shows that are intended to make us feel better. case in point this stimulus package. a package that is supposed to help the ailing economy, an economy with 4.9 percent unemployment (this was considered impossible to achieve when i was growing up) and a gdp of 4.9 in the last quarter recorded ( a very good rate a very very good rate)

so ok the dems have convinced everyone that this economy is the worst ever they have convinced the masses that a recession is on the way and that they will suffer. so what do they do? well they (i include both parties from the president on down) come up with a stimulus plan they are going to give us money to spend to save the good ole u.s. economy. they are going to give every one even people who dont pay taxes a rebate. well almost everyone if you make 75000 or more you get nothing (big shocker there right). any ways its great news right the government is going to give you money back or in some cases give you free money. ohh that will make everyone feel better its money free money to do anything we want with. hoooraayyyy

hold on now has anyone asked where that money is coming from? have you? are you assuming its just money they have lying around?

read the small print read the section that the politicians think your too stupid to find.

this money is an advance on your tax return for next year. did you read that right? yes i said it is an advance on your refund for next year (assuming you get a tax refund). when you do your taxes next year 2008 dont be surprised when your usual refund comes up short yes thats right short. and guess how much you will be short. thats right when you get that “rebate” right it down because that will come out of your taxes next year.

now this is really robbing paul to feed peter. i have heard no politician explain this to anyone. how many people will realise what they are doing before they file in 2008? how many will be surprised? how many people relying on that refund in 2008 understand?

basicly they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes its a shell game its designed to make you feel better about politicians in an election year.

the amazing thing is these people cant work together to make anything better but they can come together to scam the american people.

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Posted by zeakster on February 18, 2008

I  dont like john mccain never have never will. one of my biggest peeves and the reason i will not vote for him is he will not torture no not even that he wont water board terrorists. i know his background i have read his biography i know what the man has gone through. so he doesnt like torture because he was tortured i get it. unfortunately being president means you do whats right for the citizens not whats right for you.

i went to the dentist today because i chipped a tooth. he looked at it and before i could say anything he grabbed a drill and buffed it down. i was horrified i jerked and almost screamed. turns out it didnt hurt at all but damn i wasnt sure he was going to hit a nerve.

under mccains stated opinion this is torture i didnt get hurt but something physical happened to me and it scared me so i guess its torture. i paid for this i volunteered for it but under mccains presidency this would not be allowed.

if someone had a bomb any size bomb and mccain refused to waterboard drill or do whatever needed to be done to find that bomb than mccain is at fault. because he was tortured my little girls, my wife, my friends are at risk. im sorry it happened to him but thats how life is at times its unfair and you would say the same about a terrorist attack sometimes its just unfair. but i would say mccain lived to tell about it the people in the towers didnt.

until he understands that being president isnt about him its about us he doesnt have my vote. until he understands this is not a blame america first position he does not deserve your vote either. if you ask me the dems might be better on this issue then republicans mccain would sit on his hands and let it happen out of a selfish desire not to do what was done to him the dems fearing if they didnt act would be impeached would probably act swiftly and decisively no dem wants a 911 or katrina on their watch there whole existence depends on it happening to the other party so if anything they will over react. ie… Japanese internment during ww2, the escalation in veitnam under kennedy and johnson, bill clintons frequent ineffective airstrikes.

so vote how you will but take a good look at mccain and always tell your dentist to warn you when hes going to drill or he might be put in jail for torture

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Posted by zeakster on February 15, 2008

WE  just received our new property assessment. if your like us you must be scratching your head. ours went up another 3100 dollars almost doubling what it was 5 years ago. so how in the world can the assessment increase 100% in 5 years when property values are predicted to go down an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars (nationally) this year alone. in fact according to nar (national association of Realtors) fort wayne single family homes have dropped in value since 2005 10.5%.

so mrs zubber why oh why has my assessed value not followed this trend? well i guess i shouldnt blame her fort wayne is in an economic crunch too many projects not enough money. we have seen it time and again the politicians want to spend money they dont have so we have to jack up the pretend price of homes in order to make the books look a little better. Is it the assessors fault? does anyone think she doesnt feel the pressure from overspending politicians?

well grin and bear it fort wayne you voted for this administration and the one before it they spend when they dont have to and ignore glaring problems that are hidden from view.

when will we all wake up?

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