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Posted by zeakster on February 7, 2008


ABOVE is the link to what your new mayor is all about. we clamor for property tax relief we get a response in our favor (maybe) and what does the new council and mayor do? well hell they will just raise the city tax levy. The mayor was quoted as saying on a 100,000 dollar home its just 10 dollars a year” just just? and the next one will just be how much mr mayor? what floors me is that the council wich has a republican majority agreed to the hike.

where does this end? if youR coming up short mr henry how about a pay cut and not a raise? ohh wait that would affect you not us. come on mr mayor how about we cut your salary by half thats only what 50000 and that leaves you with what a little over 50 a year? you can deal with that cant you? most of your citizens dont even come close to 50 a year and we can pay for your tax hikes so why dont you show us some good faith? ohh wait you need that money for your new condo down town right? the big city money maker how much did that cost us?

well fort wayne i guess you get what you vote for a tax loving monstrosity building democrat.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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