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Posted by zeakster on February 8, 2008

im sorry the mayor actually is making 120,000 this year so i guess he wont be missing the tax levy increase….or wait is that why he needs the increase? his wage went up 12,000 and some change this year that means he is responsible for 12000 homes getting a tax increase. according to 2000 statistics there are 83333 occupied homes that means roughly 15% of the people who own homes in this city are paying for his pay increase.

15% are paying for this new mayors pay raise

given that he has been in office for a little over a month he has already stiffed 15% of all familys who own a home. this percentage goes up considerably when you factor out homes worth less than 100,000 dollars. so what has happened? well with one vote by the council and one signature by the mayor he has taken less than a month to tax the wealthy and enrich himself.

only 10 dollars he says that wont hurt heck he can afford it why cant we. well mr mayor probably because we cant ask our bosses for a 10% pay increase and expect to get it.

a great start to a tax and spend city council and mayor. if you make money in this town watch out the mayor and council want it and their not ashamed to take it.


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