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Posted by zeakster on February 10, 2008


DIDIER thank you for reinforcing the arch type of a republican blue blood. Its funny that the closer to the center this party becomes both nationaly and locally the more it resembles everything i hate about the democratic party.

Anything will be said or done prior to an election to gain support and io do mean anything. Nice vote before the election to cut taxes that made us feel a bit better about the things you have done. Way to screw us once you have been elected. lets take that cut back and actually raise your tax and hey lets not have any discussion about it because you had your chance when we cut the tax. where did you get this idea the carvil book on running government? well congratulations you managed to pull the wool over everyones eyes and now that you dont need the wool im sure you will be taking that too.

who is giving this party money? next time they ask tell them you were going to give 10 dollars but i need it now to pay the higher tax your people just passed.

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