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Posted by zeakster on February 15, 2008

WE  just received our new property assessment. if your like us you must be scratching your head. ours went up another 3100 dollars almost doubling what it was 5 years ago. so how in the world can the assessment increase 100% in 5 years when property values are predicted to go down an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars (nationally) this year alone. in fact according to nar (national association of Realtors) fort wayne single family homes have dropped in value since 2005 10.5%.

so mrs zubber why oh why has my assessed value not followed this trend? well i guess i shouldnt blame her fort wayne is in an economic crunch too many projects not enough money. we have seen it time and again the politicians want to spend money they dont have so we have to jack up the pretend price of homes in order to make the books look a little better. Is it the assessors fault? does anyone think she doesnt feel the pressure from overspending politicians?

well grin and bear it fort wayne you voted for this administration and the one before it they spend when they dont have to and ignore glaring problems that are hidden from view.

when will we all wake up?

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