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Posted by zeakster on February 18, 2008

I  dont like john mccain never have never will. one of my biggest peeves and the reason i will not vote for him is he will not torture no not even that he wont water board terrorists. i know his background i have read his biography i know what the man has gone through. so he doesnt like torture because he was tortured i get it. unfortunately being president means you do whats right for the citizens not whats right for you.

i went to the dentist today because i chipped a tooth. he looked at it and before i could say anything he grabbed a drill and buffed it down. i was horrified i jerked and almost screamed. turns out it didnt hurt at all but damn i wasnt sure he was going to hit a nerve.

under mccains stated opinion this is torture i didnt get hurt but something physical happened to me and it scared me so i guess its torture. i paid for this i volunteered for it but under mccains presidency this would not be allowed.

if someone had a bomb any size bomb and mccain refused to waterboard drill or do whatever needed to be done to find that bomb than mccain is at fault. because he was tortured my little girls, my wife, my friends are at risk. im sorry it happened to him but thats how life is at times its unfair and you would say the same about a terrorist attack sometimes its just unfair. but i would say mccain lived to tell about it the people in the towers didnt.

until he understands that being president isnt about him its about us he doesnt have my vote. until he understands this is not a blame america first position he does not deserve your vote either. if you ask me the dems might be better on this issue then republicans mccain would sit on his hands and let it happen out of a selfish desire not to do what was done to him the dems fearing if they didnt act would be impeached would probably act swiftly and decisively no dem wants a 911 or katrina on their watch there whole existence depends on it happening to the other party so if anything they will over react. ie… Japanese internment during ww2, the escalation in veitnam under kennedy and johnson, bill clintons frequent ineffective airstrikes.

so vote how you will but take a good look at mccain and always tell your dentist to warn you when hes going to drill or he might be put in jail for torture


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