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Posted by zeakster on February 24, 2008

WELL the boycott is just about over and i saw no real affect to ebay listings. just as i thought it was ineffective and cost no one any harm except the people who participated.

the major flaw and deathnell of the often tried ebay boycott? no organisation and no leadership. did anyone ask themselves even ifi t did have an affect on ebay what then? who would ebay have talked to too hear the grievance’s? was anyone in charge?

the ebay boycott by rag tag sellers has been tried before and im sure it will be tried again. i have sympathy for these sellers ebay is a monolithic company that skirts the sherman anti trust act by inches. the new management team seems to be taking Marxist views and that leaves sellers out in the cold.

but in the long run this will hurt ebay not these sellers. why? because these sellers will find other venues and when customers can no longer find the great bargains they have come accustomed too (their own fault) they will leave as well. leaving ebay with huge dvd drop-shippers as there only sellers.

i will give this rope to sellers who want to stay i have given it before but no one wants to listen boycotts seem so much more attractive. ebay live is coming up in june in a democrat city with lots of media that gets picked up nationally. bring just 100 of all those boycotters to the event make signs and be loud outside mccormick place. this is almost guaranteed to bring you media coverage and may raise some eyebrows nationally. contact some left leaning politicians there always looking for a cause that will bring you even more coverage. have a call in campaign on talk radio. in other words use the lefts tactics the media loves them and come june just before the conventions they will be starved for news. its that simple but i doubt it will be done.

go on with your boycotts no one listens they never have and never will


3 Responses to “EBAY BOYCOTT”

  1. Julie DeMilo said

    Actually, the boycott IS working and ebay is feeling it in their own pockets. Check their stock for the last week and you’ll see! They have lost the confidence of the market. IT IS WORKING!!!! I encourage the sellers to keep it up!

  2. zeakster said

    show me the proof? its funny ask anyone on the street about an ebay boycott and they will say “what?” and then move on. ive seen the listing charts this boycott did nothing just like the last one and the one before it. the listings actually increased not decreased so how do you explain that? how did this affect ebays bottom line? how did it affect yours?

    and again ill ask the question. has ebay contacted anyone of the boycotters for any reason? if they wanted to contact someone and say uncle who would they contact? this thing was ill conceived from the start and has acomplished nothing except empty the participants pockets.

  3. zeakster said

    just checked their stock ummmmmmm no change no mass sell off no huge down turn. the actual policies will probably have a more detrimental affect on their stock than this boycott has.

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