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Posted by zeakster on February 24, 2008

HERE i am sitting down to read the only paper we get the sunday journal. i almost always pass over the perspective page because lets face it if i want to read that kind of left wing nuttery ill go to the daily koss (its better written at the koss).

front page “gop control” well of course that peaks my interest so i take a peak and dont you know it our lefty friend warner tries to explain whats going on. this guy is truly a nut job read any of his articles trying to explain anything conservatives hold dear and you will get my point. i cant get into 2 paragraphs before he makes me want to throw up all over the paper strewn about ( a very dangerous position for me because if i ruin the coupons {the only reason we get the paper at all} im in hot water).

its amazing what the liberal media thinks they know about us conservatives. the pontificate about how we are more successful in the middle and how the right wing is going to tear us apart. what he and the rest dont understand is that we are the party the conservatives not the blue bloods he loves to write about. we are conservatives first and republicans second we hold out values above the party not the other way around. i wish i could read the rest of the article but lets face it my wife loves those coupons.

if warner thinks we will loose the fight to make this party more conservative he should take a closer look. they (the established blue-bloods downtown) can barely make rent week to week they cant keep their own people in line and are clueless on how to win elections. while its true they have a majority on city council looks whos there this year compared to last. the people will not stand for wishy washy conservatives who strive to please the democrats. we will not give money nor support candidates mr. shine seems to love. we dont want tax increases we dont want holes in the ground. we dont pretty little street signs. we want responsible government that knows what its doing and we definitely dont need some democrat telling us how to win elections.


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