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House Oversight Committee VS Roger Clemens

Posted by zeakster on February 28, 2008


what in the world is going on? is congress full of idiots?

congressman waxman has initiated an fbi investigation into whether roger clemens lied to them about taking steroids. am i nuts or is this why poll after poll finds congress distaste-full. why in the world is this little ugly man (good thing he got into politics or he would be in a side show somewhere) waisting my and your money on something we have no interest in? why is he waisting the time of fbi investigators who should be hunting down terrorists and white collar criminals. does anyone seriously care about roger clemens? i consider myself a baseball fan i watch 100 games a year and actually attend some. and you know what? i have absolutely no interest in this i dont care and i definitely think some members of congress have lost their minds.

you know what let baseball figure it out and dish out justice quite waisting my money on something that has no baring whatsoever on government or the running of government.

mr waxman you want people to stop lying to you? stop calling people up to your committee because you think it will win you some votes. who the hell does his lying hurt? how does it affect government? why are you calling baseball players to the capital? try calling some terrorists up to the committee or hey how about some of your fellow congressman and have them explain why they are waisting our money.



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