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Posted by zeakster on March 26, 2008

ALRIGHT im about fed up with both parties on the tax issue in this state.

we complain about property tax and to my amazement they actually get something done. but wait did they really? locally they mayor has raised property tax and is going to do the same with income tax. state wide the sales tax is going up in april. so what happened? well they played the shell game they lowered one tax and raised all the others. instead of fixing the problem (over spending) they have just hidden it. they assume us peons wont recognise the shell game their playing. they assume raising taxes in other ways wont be noticed.

the real problem isnt taxes its the over zealous spending in city county and state government. no one in either party has come to the table and said “lets look at what we can cut” instead their playing games and shifting the tax burden from one group of people to another. how much longer will the people take this? how much longer will we in fort wayne put up with new stadiums or pretty new signs and brick walkways while out infrastructure goes unchanged. how much longer will we tolerate pay raises for bureaucrats while they tax us to death. how much longer will we suffer because the city county and state dont want to cut back.

it makes sense right the rights of the few (park workers, water workers etc…) out weigh the rights of every citizen why have fewer city employees when we can tax tax tax. next time you see a city vehicle with a sleeping worker go up and ask for your money back. next time you see a city police car parking at walmart and a whole family gets out to shop ask them for gas money.

more taxes isnt whats needed its responsible elected officials

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Posted by zeakster on March 21, 2008


TYPICAL WHITE PERSON? Obama is doing more to solidify the republican party behind mccain than mccain is. I detest mcain always have always will but if its between him and a racist like obama guess which one i will pick. guess which one most whites will pick? guess how many non whites for that matter will pick a racist. What does he think of asians? hispanics? jews? are they typical as well? how can someone with these veiws hold such esteem in the democratic party? how can this man be seen as the next president of the united states?

my god people how can we be considering a racist for the white house?

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Posted by zeakster on March 19, 2008


need i say more? msnbcs nut job queen (oberman would be king) has declared a speech where obama throws his grandmother under the bus to absolve his racist minister of 20 years a stellar success. the speech from the git go sickened me starting off spouting about slavery and the constitution immediately made me think of obama as a flim flam artist. from the very first sentence i knew he wasnt going to address the issue but cleverly bait and switch the broader idea of racism with the very direct issue of a bigot giving sermons. did it work? yes it worked with the demographic of liberal self haters the people that hate themselves and this country and thats what he needs to win the democratic race.

i think however that it has done damage to him in the general election because no matter how much matthews thinks of himself as mainstream the majority of people in this country are not self haters and they love the u.s. even with all its flaws. we are a country that looks forwards not back and we do not assign the sins of the father to the son unless of course that son like obama defends him.

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Posted by zeakster on March 18, 2008


GUESS which one could be president.

YES  you know who im referring too senator obama. will he be the first racist president in the modern era? will we honestly elect a man who thinks white people are the problem to all of this country’s ills? will we elect a man who thinks that not only 911 was a u.s. black ops but pearl harbor was as well? will we follow a man who thinks we (white people) engineered the aids virus to rid the world of black people?

if you voted for this man in the primarys its time to take a closer look at what you voted for….a black david duke

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Posted by zeakster on March 16, 2008


I  get up open the paper and read a sparkling article on steve shines supplication to the masses.

The problem? its written by the jg. a paper that has no idea what the problems are with this party. a paper that likes the established bluebloods. a paper that loves when republicans loose.

The problem is steve shine and until he resigns there will be no peace or unity in this party at least locally. the underhanded things he and his cronies did this past election will not be forgotten. he claims he took the middle of the road approach do any kelty voters think that? it seemed very slanted to me. the republican web site continually put things up that were down right hurtfull to the (voted in) republican nominee. shine was responsible for that. when the shiners then started to support the democrat nothing was done. how is that possible? how is that not considered mutiny how is that allowed to go on with absolutely no response from shine on the matter?

closing down the office down town is a first step the second is to rid itself of STEVE SHINE he is the embodiment of the strife now the other player Kelty is gone. talking to kelty now you can see his hopelessness he was set up and now faces unwarranted petty charges brought by steve shines ilk.

its time for steve and his shiners to fall on their swords they need to take the next step and become moderate democrats perhaps they can destroy that party like they have destroyed ours. 

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Marilyn Mackel

Posted by zeakster on March 8, 2008

you owe at least one young man 10000 dollars and i think your pay should be garnered

talk about politically motiviated judges

full story

please feel free to contact her

Marilyn Mackel, Commissioner
Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court (Dependency)
201 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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Posted by zeakster on March 7, 2008


CINDY SHEEHAN peace activist extraordinaire. friend to dictators around the world.


why arent you in Venezuela protesting the warmongering of Chavez? or in Ecuador protesting that regimes build up to war? or in Nicaragua? where have you gone? do you just protest for peace when it suits your fancy? ohh wait you only protest when it is against the u.s. all these other countries well yeah they can go to war its their right. the mothers who will loose their sons in this south American paradise well they dont count.

if you were a true activist interested only in peace you would fly down there tomorrow and talk to your buddies. are you afraid? are you afraid perhaps you wont be greeted with open arms? do you realise now you were just a useful idiot used by oppressive regimes in a god forsaken part of the planet? or have you somehow justified your actions to the point where you are blind to whats going on?

i dont have to single out sheehan how about penn is he going to go down and do a story on the bully wantabe chavez? is glover going to go enlist to fight the Colombians? how many of these people were in bed with this nut job? how many will be held accountable?

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Posted by zeakster on March 5, 2008

DEMOCRATS have once again shown they are totally inept at reform. the democratic primary race has now become a joke. having gone for the every vote counts style of elections where candidates pick up not a whole state but just a percentage the democrats find themselves not counting any votes at all except the super votes which strangely enough means politicians get to choose their next candidate not the people.

having complained the republicans disenfranchised voters in 2000 things have come full circle and multiplied not only do michigan and florida voters ( disenfranchised by the national dnc for moving their votes up) not count but no states votes counts. it is mathematically improbable if not impossible for either obama or clinton to win outright so they must go to the super delegates (a truly democrat invention) to find a winner. these are career politicians and strangely media folk. the millions and millions of voters who were so eager to participate have been slapped down have been told their vote doesnt count you have been replaced by politicians and anchor men.

this is a mess that will be fun to watch if your a conservative if your a democrat not so much. if your an independent your thought dont really count because well you dont have any.

sit back and enjoy the outcome of this “perfect storm”

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Posted by zeakster on March 2, 2008



 THIS  in response to israels air strikes this weekend.

we (the west) are often told by arabs and muslims that we are hypocritical towards them that we dont see things the way they really are. well this statement by the Palestinian president  shows us the real hypocrisy. Palestinians are a heinous and butcherous people they have lost all sense of humanity and all common sense for that matter. they kidnap they kill. they send their own family members to murder innocents sitting in a a cafe or on a bus. they constantly shell israeli towns with rockets. they are a horrid people i dont care how they justify doing this.  they are a people devoid of any soul whether jewish muslim or christian. no people can allow this to happen day in and day out and expect sympathy….none. these are people that cannot co-exist with anyone not even other Palestinians. they are a people that have lost their way and the so called presidents statement tells the story.

if the Canadians or the Mexicans started shelling our towns on a daily basis do you think that we  (even democrats) would sit by and let it continue? every nation has a right to protect itself and its citizens i would have no problem with the Israelis carpet bombing  the gaza strip. if you ask me they have shown so much restraint that the nation as a whole deserves a nobel peace prize.

as for the innocents well there are no innocents in Palestine you reap what you sew and they sew violence on a daily basis. so when the Israelis strike and they kill mothers and children the Palestinians have no one to blame but themselves the people could rise up and say enough is enough but they dont they sit and spew their hatred, hatred they perpetuate, hatred they teach their children.

this is truly an ugly place on our planet and anyone who sympathises with these violent butchers should take stock of their own lives.

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Posted by zeakster on March 2, 2008

OK IM  the first to admit i side with ebay on alot of things after all they are a private company. and i did think the boycott was well…….. not a great way to protest. however after reading the boards and inas blog today i am questioning whether the new management team isnt fudging numbers.

this is the link to the story which was a little late in coming because its been on the boards for 3 days.

if it turns out ebay is inflating its numbers to manipulate stock prices its time to call in the feds plain and simple its one thing to enact rules to hurt your quasi employees (sellers) its another to actually defraud investors.

this could be a vary explosive story

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