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Posted by zeakster on March 16, 2008


I  get up open the paper and read a sparkling article on steve shines supplication to the masses.

The problem? its written by the jg. a paper that has no idea what the problems are with this party. a paper that likes the established bluebloods. a paper that loves when republicans loose.

The problem is steve shine and until he resigns there will be no peace or unity in this party at least locally. the underhanded things he and his cronies did this past election will not be forgotten. he claims he took the middle of the road approach do any kelty voters think that? it seemed very slanted to me. the republican web site continually put things up that were down right hurtfull to the (voted in) republican nominee. shine was responsible for that. when the shiners then started to support the democrat nothing was done. how is that possible? how is that not considered mutiny how is that allowed to go on with absolutely no response from shine on the matter?

closing down the office down town is a first step the second is to rid itself of STEVE SHINE he is the embodiment of the strife now the other player Kelty is gone. talking to kelty now you can see his hopelessness he was set up and now faces unwarranted petty charges brought by steve shines ilk.

its time for steve and his shiners to fall on their swords they need to take the next step and become moderate democrats perhaps they can destroy that party like they have destroyed ours. 


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