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Posted by zeakster on April 19, 2008

HAVE you been wondering why they havent found the 16 year old who made the original complaint in the polygamist compound raid? Its because there was no 16 year old. i had doubts about this whole thing when it went down and they failed to find the victim now my fears have come true.

They do everything big in texas and if this raid turns out to be based on false allegations you can consider this the biggest and most costly blunder ever made by state or national government. Children were ripped from their homes and families because of a false allegation that local officials wanted to believe because they couldnt stand the fact that this church was in their jurisdiction. Media wanted to believe and so made this church out to look like the devils playground. they found and put on every single ex member with an axe to grind and never once looked into the actual raid.

freedom of religion is one if not the only reason this country was founded. im not morman and i dont understand that religion or its subsets but i respect them as religions. i respect peoples beliefs no matter what they are no matter how strange and if they arent breaking any laws or if they are skirting the law in minor ways (yes polygamy is illegal but this is a minor crime in my eyes and i believe unconstitutional) then we leave them alone. we do not make up crimes so we can have probable cause.

PROBABAL  cause has just gone out the window in this case everything found and everything taken is now irrelevant it cant be used anywhere. The children if not taken back to their parents are being held hostage by the state and court system of texas. The do gooders have now become the villains. Media has now become an accessory.

this mess was caused by bigotry and it will not end well for the state of texas


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