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Posted by zeakster on April 20, 2008

From: Bob Kostrubanic []
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 2:46 PM
To: Bob Kostrubanic
Cc: Subject: Notification of Death on Campus
Importance: High

** High Priority **

We regret to inform you that the student death reported earlier appears
to be a homicide.

Accordingly, we are canceling Friday afternoon and Friday evening

Please use caution when moving around campus.

Walter J. Branson
Vice Chancellor, Financial Affairs

EMAIL SENT  out after stabbing death on ipfw campus. Is this a problem with the university? Dorm rooms on other campuses have retricted access unlike the open style of ipfw. If the university continues to grow should they not put in safe guards to protect our children?

10 Responses to “MURDER ON IPFW CAMPUS”

  1. inhibitedrebel said

    zeakster, I am currently a resident in IPFW Student Housing. I have to say the level of protection provided the university in the form of patrol cars, 150 housing cameras covering every angle, and 3 levels of door security is phenomenal and led to the arrest of the suspect only 12 hours later. The suspects of the Fredrick Jones shooting a block away (off campus)are still at large. Tina Morris was identified and arrested within 12 hours of the incident, establishing a precedent for anyone else trying to get away with any activity in the future. Currently housing is crawling with police and people are being checked going in and out of buildings as a precaution.

    I live one building away from building H. While I admit the psychological aspect of a student being murdered that close to me is very daunting, there is no reason for me to worry otherwise because of the security. Anything that would happen inside the dorms would be isolated to that small area or room, while others would be safe. If restrictions were placed, people would just try and kill students when they wander outside the community, say a friend’s apartment.

    I can honestly say I’d rather move to Canturbury Green and have to deal with a higher chance of something happening to me than live with less freedom of who can visit me and have to pay higher fees for an attendant for each building. I understand as a parent, its hard to hear that something like this happened around your child, I remember how my mom reacted when Fredrick Jones was shot (RIP). It’s a part of life, maybe not a pleasant one, but things like this could happen anywhere for the rest of our lives. We just need make choices the best we can based on what we are taught and common sense.

  2. zeakster said

    thank you for the inside input. back in the day when i attended college and had to stay in student housing you needed a card and key to get in to the building and packages were searched (albeit for liquor). we had i beleive atthe time 20,000 students with half being on campus and not one murder then or since in student housing. you may not want anymore freedom taken away but im sure your parents wouldnt mind.

  3. inhibitedrebel said

    It’s definitely financially feasible to divide the cost of an attendant for each building between the residents, I just know I would leave and I know quite a few people who would may give up student housing for a cheaper alternative (already 650 a month) and the ability to have anyone I wanted in my room (with the permission of my roomate). Most students use good judgment letting people into the dorms. I’m sure the suspect could have found an opportunity to murder outside of the university by luring her.

    I would be open to a form of check-in with an ID (government issued or student) and escorted by a resident of student housing after using the key card to gain entry, as this would help weed out a group or outside individuals who are drunk or otherwise incapacitated, but as far as restricting access otherwise to who can come in there might be some controversy among students. I would be interested though in hearing about the universities that do have restricted access. Which ones do you know of and what type of restrictions do they have in place?

  4. zeakster said

    i can only respond with the university i went to in the late 80’s and that was western michigan. the restrictions were stringent no overnight stays by anyone but the paying students no girlfriends no boyfriends no family. lobby doors locked at 7 ids required after that time even if you had a lobby key.

    turns out that this was the mother of her roommate who was actually staying in the apartment this im sure wasnt allowed and if they had any kind of dorm security this probably could have been avoided. our dorm security was actually minimum wage students who lived in the dorm itself why ipfw doesnt have this system is beyond me i would wager both iu and purdue have dorm security in each building. this seems like a huge oversight that cost a young womans life. no excuse for it none at all. if a family sends their child to a university dorm building the university should be protecting them notsending out emails that state be careful we just had a murder.

  5. Larry said

    Its been almost a year since I lived in building A, I always thought and felt safe, heck I never even had to lock my car doors most of the time, And its true about the cameras and security doors, but while I lived there alot of people that didn’t live in the complex were allowed in the buildings, also there is no way to watch all the cameras the best they can do is review footage, because they don’t have to staff to watch and monitor all of them, Campus police was slow to response to simple complaints. These are all fixable problems, and very minor things I would consider if i was given the chance to live there again, its a pretty tight community at least when I was there and we looked out for each other. So are there security issues…Yes, would i tell suggest Ipfw student housing to someone looking for a great place to live while getting a good education…In a second without a second thought.

    And for those of you still living there, keep your head up, and don’t let this scare you away from a great place to live.

  6. zeakster said

    again i would say whats wrong with what established universities with established dorms do? its not hard to find cash strapped students to be ra’s, door security or even someone to monitor those little cameras. its pretty clear students pay way too much for the apartments and have way to little in universty security. sounds like they run them like apartment buildings their not in that buisness. they know how to run them they have 2 of the biggest universities in the state with well established dorms and protocols. Its amazing this woman was allowed to live there and no one questioned it.

  7. Larry said

    I hate to say but RA’s usally look the other way alot times, Like the basketball court was a huge problem, at 10pm its suppose to be close yet I was awaken many times at 2am by people who somtimes don’t even live there, and when you asked the RA on duty to do something they don’t, if they answer the phones, and you right about the cost rent in a 2 bedroom apartment was almost 600 a piece, I have friends in Canterberry sharing s 2 bedroom for about 500 a month, yet the entire time i was there was still one on the best times of my life despite the problems.. My question is the mother had been staying there for 2 weeks, did she come and go with her daughter cause how was she able to get in and out of the actual apartment without the key phon, getting in the building is no problem but the apartment…I guess she would have to wait to be let in and out. But still someone was not doing their job for her to stay there that long.

  8. James said

    Such a preventable and horrific death! It is a terrible mark on IPFW and its Administration. Lack of communication is more to blame than security in this unfortunate case! How an outsider could live in a dorm for over a week and not be caught is beyond me!

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