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Posted by zeakster on April 21, 2008

I AM NO FAN i will say that up front and i rarely listen to the show unfortunately for him i was today. Trying to educate all of us parents on 4:20 (yes were all idiots to him) he got a crack pot call from one of those whacked out libertarians ( not all libertarians are wacky most not all) about the government waisting money on the war on drugs. Super, fine, whatever these people exist i know that and so do you. and if you want to say the war on drugs isnt working (its kind of like saying police dont work because there is still crime) thats fine. however this local talking head then goes on to say well 40 years ago heroine and pot was legal and we had no problems. Im sorry what? what did you just say? yes thats right pat white thinks its ok to legalise heroine.

you want to know why i dislike the man this is one of many stupid things this man thinks and says out loud its like he has no inner monologue im stunned this man still has advertising. perhaps you should let his advertisers know what you think perhaps we should take them all to the local rehab so they can see what heroine does to individuals.

this man is a joke and it astounds me he is still on the air



  1. Dave Noble said

    Is there any reason why you think that he is an idiot? There are some very simple and compelling arguments for legalising class A drugs. They are well documented and are being supported by all walks, not least it has to be said, the vast majority of leading law enforcement professionals. If you legalise the drug then, quite simply, you stop drug related crime. People no longer have to steal to get the money to pay the real criminals who are the dealers. Young girls will no longer have to prostitute themselves to earn money to pay the evil suppliers. Organised crime will lose interest (and opportunity) because the supply will have been intercepted by government. People will use CLEAN heroine with CLEAN needles in a risk free environment so the risk of life threatening disease will be minimised.
    Even if you don’t care about the drug users (and personally I don’t really care that much), the effect of legalisation is the overall benefit to society that we should all care about.
    Before you label me as a whining liberal left do gooder, I can assure you that I am not. I am a dyed in the wool Republican who is committed to law enforcement for the majority of crime. My simple view on this is that law enforcement doesn’t, and never will work. The key thing is that MOST law enforcement authorities agree

  2. zeakster said

    hey dave go sit on the couch and smoke a fatty for me
    yes i beleive he and now you are idiots
    save your cheech and chong defense for your parents and hey move out of the basement and cut your hair

  3. burt said

    All drugs are legal in Mexico. So Mexico has no drug related problems and the country takes in Million of PESOS in drug taxes — RIGHT!
    You potheads really are out to lunch.

  4. zeakster said

    take it one step further guns are legal here perhaps the mexican government should leagalize guns down there so there would be no need for us to smuggle them to mexico. imagine the tax revenue they could produce

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