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Posted by zeakster on April 22, 2008


This is the first in upcoming articles from me on why america is no longer my america. yes its late but i have been very busy so im sorry to those of you who were wondering what happened.

The recent murder here at ipfw and the string of murders in chicago last weekend has sparked my first problem with todays america.

Life has become cheap the ipfw murder was sparked because a young adult said something about her roommate. why in the world should this spark a murder? no matter what was said. why did this woman take it upon herself to murder this young lady over words? why were so many people murdered in chicago over the weekend?

growing up there were murders dont get me wrong but it seems that lately they have gotten more numerous and more callous. kids shooting up schools snipers shooting randomly on highways. lethal road rage. the list goes on and on. there is enough blame to go around ranging from video games (of which i am guilty) to war (yes even i think this is a small contributor) to the break down of the mental health system (more nuts out on the streets). the number one reason for the cheapness of life in my view is abortion. when it is easy to kill an unborn child all the way through the third trimester what do we expect? when our most vulnerable children, those that are still in the womb, are so callously discarded it comes to no surprise to me that killing a born child is made much easier. how much different is it to kill a 5 year old this is just late abortion same child just 5 years older. or a 25 year old or a 40 year old its the same person whether you kill them in the womb or out. those of you who find a difference are fooling yourselves if your willing to pull the trigger with an abortion its not a huge leap to pull the trigger on a child or an adult. there is a psychological price for abortions and i think it is starting to manifest itself in society at large. when an infant in the womb is not worth anything everyones life is cheap.

i am pro choice believe it or not. i believe your choice stops when you have unprotected sex. the choice stops when you decide to have sex. are there exceptions yes there are exceptions to everything but the majority of abortions happen because people chose to be careless that was their choice. abortions are not statistics they are a sad very sad part of this callous nation.


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