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Posted by zeakster on April 29, 2008

November Surprise?


Largest 3rd Party  Presidential Candidate To Challenge “Big Box” Parties


Kansas City, Mo. (April 26,2008) The Constitution Party chose a presidential candidate at a  nominating convention held this weekend in Kansas City, MO. Former Constitution Party Vice Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin was chosen by delegates from state affiliates of the third largest federally-recognized political party, based on voter registrations (


Baldwin, a pastor, writer and conservative talk show host won the nomination from a field of eight prospective nominees, including former U.N. Ambassador and Asst. Secretary of State in the Reagan administration, Dr. Alan Keyes.


Baldwin, who founded the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, addressed the Constitution Party delegates in a passionate speech that outlined his concern that elected officials from both the Republican and Democrat parties had abandoned the principles of limited government.


Baldwin decried “the bi-partisan complicity that has allowed the illegal, immoral, unconstitutional war that has resulted in the slaughter of four thousand American soldiers and untold innocent Iraqis”. Baldwin went on to point out “If elected, I will end the lunacy that sends Americans abroad to guard the  borders of Iraq, while leaving our borders wide open, inviting illegals to plunder the wealth and good will of American citizens”. Baldwin’s remarks were interrupted by a number of thunderous standing ovations making it clear his message resonated with the party faithful.


Chuck Baldwin, a Constitution Party member for a number of years, promised, that if elected he would work to protect the lives of the unborn, abolish the IRS and the Federal Reserve, support home schooling, and “eviscerate” vast numbers of unconstitutional federal programs like the Department of Energy (“we have more than enough oil in Alaska”) and Social Security (“which is nothing more than socialism”).  Baldwin promised to get “the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.”, to abolish the department of Homeland Security and to end foreign aid.


Constitution Party delegates chose Baldwin over Dr. Alan Keyes, by a vote of 384 to 126.


“Alan Keyes is a principled and remarkably gifted statesman, and we hope he chooses to join the Constitution Party and support our efforts; however, when all was said and done, the delegates were apparently persuaded that Chuck Baldwin was more aligned with our party’s platform especially on issues like the U.N., the Iraq war and foreign aid”, commented Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.


Chuck Baldwin said his Washington “outsider” status would likely be considered a plus in this election, saying many “dissatisfied Americans have come to view political insiders as carriers of ‘big government disease’ ”. Baldwin vowed to honor his oath to uphold the Constitution. He acknowledged that the Christian principles of our Founding documents guaranteed liberty for people of all creeds, and “pledge(d) to cultivate a climate in D.C. which reins in government and reminds those in power they are bound by limits set in place by our Constitution.


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