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Posted by zeakster on April 29, 2008

AN ongoing story line of why this is not the america i know.

Im no fan of #7 michael vick he has pounded my favorite team over and over. However he is a prime example of why america has gone down hill. I dont condone dog fighting i dont condone beating animals or killing them on a whim however there is no way this man should have gotten the prison time he got for killing a damn dog or dogs. Somehow dogs have become more important than humans somehow our court system determined we can ruin lives because of a wrong done to animals. Im sure race had a great deal to do with this judgement a black man in a southern court. where exactly is the justice in this case? he killed a dog so what how many of you have killed a dog with your car accident or not? do you believe you deserve jail time? how many of you have hit your dog when they have done something wrong? does this deserve jail time? now i know what your thinking the dog was just the top of what he did hes doing jail time for the gambling. ohh really id love to see the statistics on people caught gambling and compare their punishment to his this was about the dogs. the man was shafted people who have molested children have gotten less time for their crimes i guess in this america dog killers are worse than child molesters.

the whole thing sickens me these are dogs people society would have been better served if he had paid a steep fine (which he could have afforded) and the money spent on something worthwhile instead this killer of dogs is doing hard time in prison that the people are paying for.

am i the only one to see the stupidity and injustice of this case?



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