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Posted by zeakster on May 2, 2008

THIS  is the beginning of wacky scientists hedging their bets.

If you still believe in global warming and you can justify this article you truly are wacky. If you think GLOBAL WARMING can cause GLOBAL COOLING your just an idiot.




  1. JB Hahns said

    Nowhere does this article say or insinuate that global warming is causing the cooling they are speaking of.

    Can’t comprehend it? So disagree with it. Kind of like the the 30 something kids on youtube calling everything in existence “fake” that they can’t understand or have never seen yet.

    If you can’t comprehend the reading, how could one ever expect you to comprehend the science?

    I am sure as hell no liberal, and you are an embarrassment to us who do take science and these studies as a life’s work.

    Go to youtube where you belong, and hide your face in shame, better yet, go back to school, learn something of which you attempt to speak of.


  2. zeakster said

    are you really that stupid? there is no science behind global warming thats why no one can comprehend it.

    pathetic is a person who has to find a reason for the sky is falling. so listen here chicken little if you want to make yourself important find a real cause not a made up one that enriches people with grants . take some of your precious time and help at a soup kitchen or go clean up a park and stop telling the rest of us how stupid we are. there is a reason global warming has fallen of the map you idiot and thats because there are more and more people comming to the realisation that this is another acid rain farce. its a made up cause so you and your hippie friends have something to worry about.

    as for not being a liberal you can call a dog a cat but its still going to bark.


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