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Posted by zeakster on May 7, 2008

SOMETHING  i have not seen in my 40 years of political watching occurred yesterday. OBAMA  groupies were out in full force waving their photos at passerbyS indeed some as reported on the news were too close to polling stations something these empty headed fools cared little about. This should scare just about everybody there seems to be a cult around this politician. Even though he offers little in real solutions other than the words hope and change (nice words when your dealing with people that cant count to 5) these people have latched on and can see no evil. it reminds me of a couple of other politicians none in this country to be sure. Try the names chavez and hitler. both elected officials that went terribly wrong both people that were populists and said whatthe people wanted to hear just enough to get elected but not enough to get scrutinized. Both becomming monsters once they were entrenched.

Thankfully he has not been elected to the presidency…..yet. For all you clowns that hold up the mans picture on the streets and have tears in your eyes when he talks……get a grip were electing a man not a god. It should bother all freedom lovng americans that this man has enthralled so many no good shall come of it.


  1. Natasha said

    you’re a fucking idiot.

  2. zeakster said

    no natasha your the fucking idiot hows the moose doing by the way?

  3. zeakster said

    boy that gets funnier and funier the more i look at it a bad evil cartoon character is telling me im a fucking idiot. could you do it with the accent next time it just didnt sound all that evil with out the accent.

  4. zeakster said

    its even better your not even an american…hey natasha butt the hell out of our poitics you third world twit. this is america not some backwater wannabe country once you figure out how you can get your own people out of huts with out our help come back and leave a comment

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