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Posted by zeakster on May 17, 2008

IT  seems to me steve shine is a symptom of a republican wide disease. I remember life befor reagan i remember a party that was more interested in retaining their seats than serving there people a party adrift a party without a soul. then came reagan a man ,whether you liked him or not, who stood for conservative ideals. a man with a purpose. this lasted throughout the 90’s with some good men and women in both houses if not in the white house. those people became corrupt or left out of frustration. we were left with the steve shines of the world people who think they are owed their positions people who think they alone know best people willing to compromise ideals for self adornment.

shine should have resigned years ago his blueblood approach has killed his party in allen county indeed his duplicates have all but killed the party nationally. this year will be a watershed event in republican history i believe we the true heart of the party will do away with these republicans in name only. souder only achieved 75% of the vote in his primary and i for one wont vote for him or mccain in the general i would rather have an enemy i know in those seats than an enemy that is pretending to be republican. all my meager money that was going to go for the fall battles in my county are now going to pence and a few other worthy true republicans. none will go to the allen county party they have lost their way and as long as shine is there they have no chance of finding a path out of the forest.


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