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Posted by zeakster on May 26, 2008

THIS is one story of many i could pull up on the subject. Let me explain my position. the original gi bill was for returning vets from ww2 these soldiers for the most part were drafted they did not volunteer. they were owed for the disruption in their lives they were owed for their heroism. they were people ripped from society and put into the hell that is war.

today’s vets are different they knew what they were doing knew what they were getting into these people were hero’s when they signed the papers. they signed up knowing what they would receive in return. its a hard thing to say but they did not sign up for a new gi bill they signed up with the benefits afforded to their mos. some got money some got education they chose just like i did some 20 years ago. not everyone gets the same amount harder or more dangerous mos (military occupation specialty) received more benefits just like those mos’s receive greater pay. its something we all knew going in. we all knew who would see action if any real world event happened. its what we volunteered to do.

this squabbling of the 2 parties to give more benefits is all bunk. if the civilians dont know it those who serve do. its sad they have made this an issue its even sadder that they are throwing money they dont have to vets that dont expect it to be thrown at them.

obama and especially mccain shouldn’t be playing this little political trick

these people are hero’s and should be treated as such but dont throw money at them it cheapens what they have and will continue to do


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