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Posted by zeakster on May 29, 2008

the question is should we be scared about the impending democratic takeover? on the surface i would say no. no matter how hard they try to screw things up there are generally enough conservative democrats to tame the crazies. however obama is a wild card the man is winning on his speaking ability he has no plan no ideals he has the hollow slogan of “change”. he is a liberal of the worst sort, little knowledge of anything and een less experience he reminds me of jimmy carter. most of you dont remember good ole jimmy but i think in the next four years you will learn. perhaps we will bring back the misery index. clinton was bad but i dont think we have seen anything like will see when barak takes office.

this is a dangerous man a populist and he has enough cooks in congress all ready like maxine waters to do his bidding (she actually stated she favors nationalising oil companies). the one saving grace is that after 4 years of pure disaster someone on the conservative side will rise up a true conservative not a john mccain. a true leader with true ideas not someone who speaks eloquently.

its sort of like the pheonix we must hit bottom befor we can emerge again from the ashes.

so yes we should be scared and we should start hoarding those things we will need in the next four years because with these nuts in office anyone making a profit will come under scrutiny and people will just stop selling and go on the new welfare that will surly be generous.


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