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Posted by zeakster on June 27, 2008

      National Campaign Headquarters

Opens in Michigan! 
Watch Constitution Party Presidential
 Candidate Chuck Baldwin’s Address
(Watch Video by clicking on link below)



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Posted by zeakster on June 26, 2008

what the hell is going on at our border?

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Posted by zeakster on June 26, 2008

Americans Will Opt For The Only Secure Borders Candidate This November


Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin Tours Border Outposts



Grand Rapids, MI/ June 24, 2008-The country’s largest and fastest-growing third party (Ballot-Access News), the Constitution Party, announces its candidate for president, Chuck Baldwin,( will visit California’s southern border with Mexico in an effort to call attention to the need for ending the open borders policy that threatens our nation.


“America’s back is breaking from the burden of immigration policies that demand taxpayers pay to educate, incarcerate, medicate and house those who have broken into our country,” said Baldwin.


 Chuck Baldwin, long a critic of the open-borders policy that threatens our safety, economy, environment, public health and educational system ( is the only presidential candidate who is 100% behind the American people in the fight to end illegal immigration.


Baldwin, minister, conservative columnist, talk show host and former Constitution Party vice presidential candidate said, “There can be no compromise. While Obama and McCain are pandering for the Hispanic vote by  promising more taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens, Americans are clear they want the borders sealed, and they want the gravy train to come to a screeching halt”, Baldwin added.


Executive Director of the conservative Center for Immigration Studies  Mark Kirkorian said of GOP presidential candidate John McCain: “ The very idea that John McCain is supporting  a ($250 million a year) program (that will pay illegal immigrants hospital bills) …is another reminder that he’s “Amnesty John”.


The Constitution Party, on course to shake up the political status quo of the pro-amnesty Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green party candidates this November, also offers Americans the only candidate for president who believes it’s past time to end the unconstitutional trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT which have resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs. Baldwin will visit a furniture factory in Chino whose company slogan is: “Made in Chino, not China!”


Baldwin will make a number of campaign stops while in California from June 25-30th, including a forum sponsored by the Constitution Party affiliate the American Independent Party  June 26th, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Encinitas Community & Senior Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Meetings at the Westin LAX Riverside County’s Historic Mission Inn and in Orange County are also scheduled. 

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Posted by zeakster on June 25, 2008

IM unlike most conservatives when it comes to this i say bring it on. the first time they use it to silence someone or some organisation dont be surprised if it is left wing. all three main stream news networks are to the left along with 80% of all published papers. if they go down this road its not conservatives that will be hurt but libs. hell you can even make a poing that c-span  could be affected making democrats give up an equal amount of time even thought they could possibly have a majority in both houses. and if obama wins everytime he is on the air they would have to give equal time to republicans.


this will all blow up in their faces you heard it here first

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Posted by zeakster on June 20, 2008

I HOPE you have a great weekend. Please CHANGE your location (im going camping for 4 days).

life is too short to be on the internet all day get out and live a little. i think most of our politicians should follow that rule. 

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Posted by zeakster on June 19, 2008,2008-06-18

When they start taking over public companies i start buying bigger guns.

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Posted by zeakster on June 18, 2008

wellof course they are. looks like the republicans have finnaly put these enviro wacko slaves on their heels. a couple of weeks ago they tried rolling out the 1/3 of leased land isnt being drilled lie. what they didnt tell you is that that land cant be drilled because it is just now being surveyed. after all why would you just drill somewhere without knowing if oil is there? well maybe democrats would guess we should be glad they arent in that buisness.

now there mantra is it just wont help it takes too long to drill. another case of them thinking were idiots. they think we dont know that if they had allowed drilling under clinton or even first term bush we wouldnt be in this hole we are in now. this isnt an excuse that will fly this time around.

its amasing how polar bears and elk loose their importance when gas hits 4 dollars a gallon

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Posted by zeakster on June 16, 2008

JUNE IS a hectic time for me lots of yard work lots of birthdays lots of camping i am gone for now but will return after some much needed work is done. just in time to gear up for the november election

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