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Posted by zeakster on June 18, 2008

wellof course they are. looks like the republicans have finnaly put these enviro wacko slaves on their heels. a couple of weeks ago they tried rolling out the 1/3 of leased land isnt being drilled lie. what they didnt tell you is that that land cant be drilled because it is just now being surveyed. after all why would you just drill somewhere without knowing if oil is there? well maybe democrats would guess we should be glad they arent in that buisness.

now there mantra is it just wont help it takes too long to drill. another case of them thinking were idiots. they think we dont know that if they had allowed drilling under clinton or even first term bush we wouldnt be in this hole we are in now. this isnt an excuse that will fly this time around.

its amasing how polar bears and elk loose their importance when gas hits 4 dollars a gallon


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