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Posted by zeakster on July 4, 2008

Ballot Access Assured In Illinois
Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin Officially An Option For Voters

Press Release from The Constitution Party

Grand Rapids, MI (July 1, 2008) The Constitution Party, the largest and fastest-growing party in the country based on voter registration (Ballot Access News) announced its latest victory in securing ballot access for its popular presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.(

“Illinois has just been added to a growing roster of states in which voters will get to make a real choice this November,” noted Constitution Party National Chairman Jim Clymer.

“We’re seeing voters demanding more options. Being told they can only vote for the Republican or Democrat in this race is like telling consumers they can only order Pepsi, not Coke. The two dominant parties have morphed into one and this is beginning to chafe the electorate”, Clymer added, noting: “Chuck Baldwin is on course to shake up the political status quo in November. While voters are seeing that Obama and McCain are virtually indistinguishable on the issues, they’re catching onto Baldwin in a big way”.

Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, a Pensacola, Florida minister, talk show host , author and political columnist, along with running mate Tennessee attorney Darrell Castle are expected to be on the ballot in many states garnering enough electoral votes to upset the election resulting in a win.

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