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Posted by zeakster on July 8, 2008

I have done the unthinkable the one thing i never would have imagined myself doing. i have renounced my republican affiliation and joined the constitution party.


i received a phone call today from the mccain campaigns uppermidwest veterans for mccain team asking for me to volunteer. i turned them down he then asked if they could expect my support and vote come this November. i thought about it for a good minute silence on both ends. then said to my own shocked ears that i could not vote for mccain he just doesnt represent my views i told the man he just isnt a conservative and i cant vote for the man. instead of getting a long rant on why i should vote the gentleman on the other end sighed and said he understood then thanked me.

today i have abandoned the party of reagan because i think the party has abandoned the teachings of reagan i canno longer vote because they have an r because that r has no meaning anymore. i wll not vote for souder (in fact i havent the last 2 elections) nor will i vote for lugar (the first since i moved here from fort drum) after the last election i have given up all hope for steve shine and his party in allen county what they did to kelty was just too much for me. i have given up on the party and it is a sad day for me. i will continue to support true conservatives be them democrat republican or other but i will not vote r blindly anymore they have taken my trust and flushed it down the toilet.

to hell with you shine souder and mccain if i wanted a liberal in office i would have voted for a liberal.


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