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Posted by zeakster on July 15, 2008

TONY  Snows death took me by surprise i knew he had a recurrence but last i heard treatment was working. I liked tony i started watching fox because of him (back when he hosted special report) i liked him as a press secretary a huge step up from the bungling of his predecessor. i thought he was a decent man with good values and a good sense of humor of both himself and the world.

so it has shocked and sickened me to see that a major news outlet chose to write a blog hit piece on him hours after his death. expected the usual no talent no brain response from the lefty web blogs but i did not expect it from some of his peers especially from a company the size of the ap. it shows just how far the leftist radicals have climbed in power. while individual leftys i really loathe took the high ground and remembered the man (some very touching tributes which softened my feelings on some of them) organised leftys decided it was time to fire a broadside. its despicable and hopefully returns to bite them in the ass.

lets see what happens when that alcholic killer dies something tells me it will be all roses and perfume of course it will have to be to mask the stentch of a truly hainous person

you were a great man tony with a great legacy and these blood suckers will get whats comming to them to tonys family my heart felt sympathies. too many good people have died this year


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