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Posted by zeakster on July 27, 2008

I HAVE BEEN away for awhile enjoying all the u.p. has to offer and i come back to this. this blog summs it up with good links.

for a while there i was rethinking my jump from the party but this pretty well sums it up. both the new republic and the rnc should be ashamed. i hope this makes a few of you think about jumping to a more conservative and open party. remember we are conservatives not republicans



  1. red said

    The trouble with jumping is that we then guaratee irrelevancy. The Rep party had to build itself from the ground up. Once it arrived, it squandered its success, and the new leaders became just like the ones they deposed. We reward them, and the Dems, if we split up into small and ineffective groups. The party just needs to be flushed.

  2. zeakster said

    conservatives have become irrelevant to the republican party. the party here in allen county has imploded they are more concerned with not offending anyone than putting true conservatives into office. we have become democrats by just wanting to win

    partys come and go i dont beleive there is a drain big enough to flush what the republicans have become.

    lincoln chose a new party and i beleive it is time for us to follow his path sometimes things cannot be repaired

  3. Yomin Postelnik said

    As the second person to be smeared in that column, I’d like to point out one thing. The New Republic is a Democrat magazine that used to be operated by the Democratic Leadership Council. Republicans are strong for Allen West, although the NRCC has been very lax with funds in general.

    The TNR piece was a bunch of trash and a gross distortion. See and my comments at “the Other McCain” for more info. That said, it is a D not an R magazine.

  4. zeakster said

    yes your right in my haste to post after a long vacation and even longer drive home i slipped. it is a lefty mag thank you for pointing that out

  5. Yomin Postelnik said

    No big deal. Some GOP higher ups are almost as bad. Thanks so much for standing up for Allen West. America needs people like him.

  6. zeakster said

    for some reason i read new republic but national review was what registered chalk it up to a long drive home. the local gop here in our county actually got the conservative candidate running for mayor ( he was not there choice and did lose the election) indicted. so i can imagine the rnc not liking west lets hope it ends there.

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