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Posted by zeakster on August 1, 2008

A VERY  attractive fox dem mouthpiece found the new and rather funny messiah add run by mccain not so funny today. one of her reasons? shes just tired of the same old charge. great excuse huh. her other reason and the main point of this topic is that they run that stupid presidential obama seal. she thinks this is just silly because obama doesnt overlook the making of signs. wow you mean a presidential candidate doesnt have the time to ok a sign? according to this hotty a few years back the president WASresponsible for the “mission accomplished” sign on the deck of a carrier. isnt it funny how someone running for president is to busy to ok signs on the campaign trail but the man running the lone superpower on the planet has lots of spare time to ok signs on a carrier.

come on kirsten you get a pass on a lot of things because well….. your hot. please dont disappoint us by becoming one of these talking heads that has sold your soul to a political party.

its amazing how stupid these people think we are.

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